The HopsHarvester™ Advantage

Custom-made in the USA
Manufacturer’s warranty
On-demand training videos
On-call/unlimited support during harvest-season
No-hassle, pre-paid shipping available
100% On-time delivery
Trusted by dozens of farms throughout North America

[HopsHarvester] really produced a fine product. Made in the USA with parts you can get from Tractor Supply. Should be as quick and efficient as a Wolf 140, but runs off a tractor PTO.
Fresh Roots Organic Growers, Traverse City, MI

After picking by hand for the last three seasons, this was the best harvest EVER!
Hillside Hops, Oxford, NY

Did a quick contract harvest for another grower… 3 varieties / 60lbs “fresh clean hops” in less than an hour including cleaning the machine out between varieties.
Cascade Hop Farm, Redmond, OR.

We seem to live in an age where the norm is rapid and short lived product cycle times. Where products are churned out with little innovation by faceless corporations to which the end user has no recourse when things go wrong… How refreshing then has been my experience with you guys… the fact that my machine was ready ahead of the promised date… just how well the machine worked out of the box͛… the attention to detail in the design and construction of the [Hopster5P] machine. Simple things, like the manner in which the hydraulic hoses are clamped in place are, to me, telling of craftsmanship and pride.
Angusshire Farms, Castleton, ON